Information about Closet19

How it works

How it works

Donate your unwanted, high-quality clothing on Closet19. Shoppers can "purchase" these items, and their payment goes directly to NHS charities tackling the Covid-19 crisis. 

Getting Started:

First, create a free account, and click ‘Post Your Closet’ . Then it’s time to upload your items! Simply upload a photo or three of the item, give it a clear description (eg. black shirt), then apply the relevant tags (eg. top, xs). You’ll need to add a price to your item, as well as a price for shipping - please use your initiative to keep these prices low, as the aim is to sell the items and donate to the NHS. 

What to Donate:

At Closet19, we welcome clothes of all brands, sizes and eras! We’re sure there’s someone out there who will love your wardrobe, from vintage to designer. Please do ensure that your items are freshly washed and in good condition.

Showcasing Your Items:

We recommend that your items are pictured hanging against a plain background. You might also like to upload a photo wearing the item, to give buyers a sense of what it looks like. If there are details on your item, or signs of some wear-and-tear, consider uploading a picture of those too, so that shoppers know what they’re buying. Your photos certainly don’t have to be professional standard, but the clearer and cleaner the better!


Browse items by product type or size. If something tickles your fancy, simply click ‘buy now’. Once you’ve paid for the product, the donor will be notified, and the item will be removed from the website. They’ll receive your address, and pop your clothes in the post for you as soon as it’s safe to do so. 


Shoppers will be charged a small fee to cover, or contribute towards, the cost of postage. Please note, in line with current government guidance, items may need to be sent after social distancing restrictions are lifted, but the money will be donated now, when it is needed. So don’t expect your new items to arrive straight away!

A note on the NHS:

We strongly believe in the principle of  a well funded NHS, as a universal public service and free at the point of use . But in these extraordinary times we feel it’s necessary to give support where we can to ensure we meet the challenges Coronavirus presents. NHS charities have supported our health service since its founding and whilst they should never replace universal state provisions, its valuable contribution should not be ignored.

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