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about Closet19

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We are an online platform where people can declutter their wardrobes and support the NHS, at the same time! Users simply upload their unwanted, good quality clothing items to the website, allowing others to ‘buy’ them. The difference? Profits are all donated to NHS Charities Together, which supports NHS staff and volunteers.

Not only that, Closet19 is tackling the ‘fast-fashion’ industry, where clothes are worn once then thrown away. See your clothes off to a loving home and give them a new lease of life!

We are 100% not-for-profit, meaning we don’t charge any commission or admin fees. All profits made are donated straight to the NHS.

Founded by recent graduates, Sally Patterson, Lucy Clumpas and Bella Stratton, Closet19 is a novel way to contribute to the COVID-19 efforts, from the comfort of your own home. 


How does Closet19 work?

Donate your unwanted, high-quality clothing on Closet19. Shoppers can "purchase" these items, and their payment goes directly to NHS charities tackling the Covid-19 crisis. Simply create a free account to get started!

Do you only accept women’s clothes?

Nope! We accept clothing for all genders. If you once loved it, we’re sure someone else will too.

I’m self-isolating and can’t post packages, can I still use Closet19?

Absolutely. We emphasise that items might not be sent straight away, and should only be sent when it’s safe to do so. In line with current government guidance, items may need to be sent after social distancing restrictions are lifted, but the money will be donated now, when it is needed. 

Why do I need to insert my bank details if I’m selling an item?

This allows buyers to send you money to cover shipping costs, but don’t worry, the money they donate for your item will all go to a central donations account, not into your bank account.

Who pays for shipping?

Shoppers will be charged a small fee to cover, or contribute towards, the cost of postage. When donors upload an item, they add a suggested shipping cost which the buyer pays.

Shouldn’t the NHS be funded by the government?

Yes! We strongly believe in the principle of  a well funded NHS, as a universal public service and free at the point of use . But in these extraordinary times we feel it’s necessary to give support where we can to ensure we meet the challenges Coronavirus presents. NHS charities have supported our health service since its founding and whilst they should never replace universal state provisions, its valuable contribution should not be ignored.

This marketplace is powered by the Sharetribe platform.

Closet19 is powered by the Sharetribe marketplace platform.

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